10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Team Voting

Team voting can be a great way to pave a way forward that everyone loves, however there are some common pitfalls to avoid. Here are our top ten tips for voting in an Agile environment:

  • Make voting visible - use cards or whiteboards to bring your votes to life
  • Measure the outcomes of your voting - if you measure the reasons why you made a decision it's much easier to reflect later
  • Give everyone the opportunity to take part - all levels of experience and disciplines are opinions worth listening to
  • Do ‘blind votes’ where possible to avoid people leading the vote - quiet individuals may look to others, expose any lack of understanding so we can build on it
  • Listen to why people voted the way they did - after explanation, misinterpretation or alternative paths forward might become clear
  • Be prepared to compromise - it's impossible for everyone to get their own way all the time
  • Be honest, truthful and non-aggressive - not speaking your mind will only end up causing more pain in the long run
  • Use voting methods that are quick to implement - no-one likes spending ages casting a simple vote
  • Use the right voting technique for the job - otherwise you'll end up with bad or awkward data
  • Don’t take the result of the vote blindly forward without conversation - initial results are rarely the correct decision

What top tips have you got? We'd love to hear them.