Confidence Voting

Confidence voting is a simple way for everyone to vote on a topic or theme. It’s easy to implement, fast to gauge feedback and can be used any time.

Pros / Cons

  • Gain a visible, fast understanding of buy-in from a group
  • Can be easily measured and tracked against decisions made
  • Involves everyone in the group in a decision


You’ll need 6 indicators showing the numbers 1-5 and a blocked symbol for each participant such as Agility Cards.

The Method

1. State the topic or idea

Example: Have bacon sandwiches every Friday morning

2. Individuals choose a symbol which reflects their thinking:

3. Individuals hold up their indicator (but don’t reveal) when they’re ready to vote

4. Once everyone is ready the cards are revealed for everyone to see


Confidence 2.png

Average: 2.25 (Blocked)

5. Discussion 

  • If no-one has blocked the vote, and we are happy to proceed with the idea, we can score the buy-in from the team – I suggest taking a photo of the indicators and taking an average at a later date.
  • If the goal is consensus, reservations associated with low scores should be explored as a team and a revote might be cast. If reservations are strong, they should probably be explored outside of a team setting.


Darryl: I blocked the vote. I don’t eat meat.

Steven: Oh me too, that’s why I wasn’t keen.

Jessica: OK what would you rather have instead of bacon?

Steve: That’s a tough one, I’d be keen on a cheese toastie.

Darryl: Yes that sounds great, shall we revote?

6. Vote is recast as necessary


Average: 3.75

We love this technique for achieving fast concensus, but what do you think? We'd love to hear feedback or how you've used this with your team!