How does the Work Happy Programme bring value?

To me

The Work Happy Programme develops people. You'll feel more engaged and more secure in your working life, knowing that there is support from somebody who's been there before that you can bounce ideas off. As you develop, your ability to move away from the tactical, reactive problem solving to dealing with root causes increases bringing order from the chaos and opening up opportunity for the future.

To my organisation

Developing your staff brings unimaginable return on your investment. Your staff are the core of your company, and individuals that are constantly improving are more engaged, less likely to seek new work and will be far more effective. So what value do your staff bring? What value would an increase in engagement and productivity with a decrease in chaotic behaviour bring for you?

We believe that developing your staff into the staff you need them to be is the long term answer to developing sustainable, scalable organisations. And the best way to develop your staff is through continuous, incremental learning from people who really know their stuff.