How does it work?

To start with your mentor will need to get up to speed with what types of challenges you and the business are facing. They will do this by meeting you in your work environment, giving you a chance talk about what you find difficult, what your frustrations are, what opportunities you see and what changes you want to make. 

After this you move on to the two main elements of the programme: 


The primary goal of your mentor is to ensure that you are developing in the most valuable way possible. The structured, bespoke exercises are designed to accelerate learning and help individuals discover their potential.

Your Mentor will help you discover strategic goals based on your aspirations and work with you to achieve your goal through exercises focused on your objectives and of course lots of conversation.

  • Feedback on working practices and suggestions on how to improve
  • Check-ins at least every 2 weeks with your mentor
  • Frequent exercises designed to help you address your specific problems in context
  • Initial self discovery phase to understand your strategic goals


Next work day response on requests for confidential feedback or advice.

Designed to give feedback and advice when you need it the most. For example, this could be as simple as looking over your board, linking in to a sprint planning session or as complex as ‘the team are having issues dealing with unplanned work and I’m not sure what’s the best approach?’

  • Direct access to an expert Mentor in your field
  • Unlimited feedback and advice available any time on day-to-day challenges
  • Assurance of confidentiality
  • Specific advice for your situation and work context