Our goal

There's a Ted Talk called 'The transformative power of classical music'. If you have some time, watch it - it helped us define how we wanted our company to be and really made us think about the kind of people we want to become.

We particularly connected with the concept that you only have to look in one place to find out if you've inspired someone - you look at their eyes and see if they shine. So we decided on a simple mission:

Our goal is to fill the world with people who's eyes are shining with possibility and passion. Everything we do contributes towards making a positive impact on the people we interact with - their lives, their career and their future.

There are lots of ways we make people's eyes shine, from mentoring programmes that help individuals realise their potential to professional coaching sessions which tackle issues which seem impossible to conquer. Whatever the method, we'd love to see your eyes shining (if they're not already) next time we meet.