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Jen and Craig - Founders of Work Happy

Jen and Craig - Founders of Work Happy

In 2014, we started Astratto Ltd – a consultancy and training provider based in Bristol, UK. Our journey with Astratto was (and is) amazing. We helped take organisations from chaos towards agility and loads of people find their direction through our professional coaching sessions.

After training hundreds of people, we had discovered that the way we were training had changed dramatically. At the start, we tried doing 2 day workshops and very quickly realised this wasn’t having the value we wanted to provide for our clients. We were in a strange situation where the client was very happy, we were getting outstanding feedback from our delegates and yet we felt true value wasn’t being delivered as well as it could've been. Our assumptions were confirmed after speaking to clients months after and found that whilst the delegates had been keen, implementing practices learnt in the courses had failed in their organisation. It seemed that the learning we were delivering was too generic and the delegates were struggling to apply it to their own situation.

We took this feedback and started thinking about how we could change what we’re doing to help. We started breaking up the training, giving the delegates work to do and offering mentoring support and things to try in-between our sessions. This was better but we still felt it wasn’t quite right. We found the further apart the sessions were and the more we mentored delegates in-between the sessions; the more effective the learning was.

We eventually scrapped the training sessions altogether and decided that coaching and mentoring was the way forward. Based on feedback and our experience we put together an offer under the name of Work Happy which both supported the coachee and mentee when they needed help and gave them a structured learning plan or actionable goals that upskilled them to solve the problems they were experiencing in their organisations. We piloted our first Work Happy Mentoring Programme in 2016 and validated that this approach really works, and now we invite you to try it for yourselves.


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- Craig Livings, Co-Founder & Agile Mentor