Agility Cards (Self Print)

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Agility Cards (Self Print)

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Unleash your creativity in retrospectives, stand-ups, refinement sessions and anywhere else with our Work Happy Agility Cards.

Buy now for an instant download to self-print and start using them today. Includes a 'Getting Started' guide to use the cards in 20 different ways!


Example uses for Work Happy Agility Cards


  • Planning Poker
  • Affinity Estimation
  • Risk Weighted Affinity Estimation
  • Story Points / Ideal days
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • T-shirt sizes
  • Goldilocks Estimation

Voting Indicators

  • Confidence voting
  • Consensus voting
  • BRAG voting

Gathering Data

  • Emotion checkin
  • Weather metaphors
  • Impact review

Meeting reviews

  • Analogue Scale
  • RAG review
  • Stop / Start / Continue / PIvot review


  • Poker chip / dot prioritisation
  • Must / Should / Could (MoSCoW) prioritisation
  • Sprint planning (days of the week)

Personal indicators

  • I need help
  • Do not disturb
  • Ready to start
  • Looking to pair
  • How I'm feeling

Health checks

  • Spotify style health check
  • Theme RAG health check