What is the Work Happy Mentoring Programme?

Our monthly subscription service enables individuals to gain access to a structured programme of support, working with experienced mentors who help your staff develop the skills they need to progress their teams, themselves and your company.

Work Happy are bringing a new way of learning to the UK. We enable businesses to increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce risk and costs through tailored mentorship programmes for individuals. This lets staff learn in the context of their problems. 

why should i choose mentoring over other options?

Great businesses come from great people, so we focus on helping your staff be the best they can be.

We know that when you start working as a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Project Manager there is more you need to know and learn than what’s available from a two-day training course or an isolated day with an Agile Coach. You might be new to your role and need to understand some fundamentals first, or have experience but need some help to accelerate your learning - either way learning while doing means no time away from the office and gives you the chance to learn to solve real problems that you and your business face with help from an expert.

More impactful than consultancy

What legacy have your consultants left? Our structured, bespoke programme allows us to make more lasting change for a lot less money.

more effective than classroom training

Our programme allows you to focus learning in areas that make a difference for your specific environment and context. 

impartial and dedicated to the individual

Our confidential advice and support allows us to challenge and support individuals outside of internal politics.